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We enjoy engageing in strategy consulting to solve our customers' pains and bring a smarter way to make things happen.

One customer engaged us for 2 weeks that led them to a savings of $50 million. The board of directors thanked us and said: "This is the best money we ever spent".

DiBase™ - A smarter way to turn Data into $$$

DiBase™ is the comercial product for delivering Big Data solutions. We belive that business users are the ones who best understand how data was created and how best to use it. We empower business users to be back in the driver seat by interacting with data, or asking the next question that is not in IT's SQL query and to do it promptly. Don't wait for the competition to pass by, get DiBase™ and take control of your destiny

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In 2014 Cyber-security data breach alone increased by 23%. Sophisticated hackers broke the dam submerging private, public companies and governments to get to the crown jewels. The cost was in the $100 of millions in brand salvage, fines, legal fees, class action suits, re-cover to operate againt.

The black market price for obtaining secret information from governments, customer information, or credit cards is high. At the same time Cyber security implementation model is still based on 2 basic gears: fire wall + encryption. This made you need to get lucky once to hit the jack pot which attracts a lot of attackers. Especially if getting luck is not that hard. One reason is that fire wall is a medieval concept for protecting “static” cities when only land predators existed. Amazingly enough current cyber security still hinges on the fire wall concept – medieval indeed! At the same time many still store all their data as “static” cities, in one contiguous storage medium holding all their data. All it takes is one zero-day exploit or a single imprudent click on a malicious email. Bam! Once attacker is in s/he hits the jack pot – the static approach. The world needs a smarter approach than the medieval static tactic of a fire wall to eliminate data breach.

Hide the data by keeping it in motion!! This is our patent approach of “Dynamic Information” as implemented in a commercial product “DiBase™ – dynamic Information-base”. This fascinated many as a smart fresh cyber-security solution. Keeping the crown jewels on the "move” will give attackers much harder time discovering where the jewels (data) exist let alone know how to get to it. It is a paradigm shift in the cyber security world using dynamic information approach. This switches the game where attackers will spend lot more time chasing the jewels, increasing the risk, when lucky they get some of the data unlike all as before, decreasing the price! Playing Hide the peanut (data) changes the game – a paradigm shift.