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The Business of Information

Flexible Strategies == Lasting Strategies

SkyPrise Inc. is a business strategy firm that helps customers fulfill their needs, goals, and aspirations. We empower our customers to create dynamic models to gain insight of what they have and their surroundings, allowing them to tinker with it, in order to create better business direction. Business users interact with dynamic models to do what-if analysis or ask questions to shape their strategies. This is what differentiates us: we create strategies that work over time by empowering businesses to tweak them evading external disruption while embracing change for a resilient future. Businesses longevity is based on how flexible are one's strategies to weather change, keeping an eye on surrounding information to smartly adapt for a better tomorrow.

SkyPrise solves customer problems by capitalizing on "Dynamic Information" to deliver rapid sound strategies. Dynamic Information paradigm is a patent approach of empowering business users to turn information assets, such as data, analysic functions, or results into insight for action. This paradigm frees business users to exploit information to their benefit on a daily basis becoming part of businesses' DNA, hence we call it: "business of information". This is a non-IT approach of information. It is by business for business to swiftly integrate disparate bits of dynamic information spinning them into action while passing competitors in speed and value -- the "Dynamic Information" paradigm!